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I am all of 25 years and this is my experience of being a payday borrower. Initially, words such as loans, borrowings, lenders used to make me a nervous wreck. I used to conjure up images in my mind of places called banks where tens of people were waiting to meet a representative of the bank and seek loans. All the people were carrying bundles of papers under their arms and frantically reading the papers with fine print on it.

In my thoughts, I used to think that these people were so worried about the prospect of whether their loan will be sanctioned or not that they would be at the edge of their chairs when their turn for the submitting the papers arrived. All this made me sick in the stomach and I vowed never to borrow money even f it meant ii was on hard time and to the extent that I could provide myself a meal.

My Eureka moment:

I was on particular hard days and struggling to make ends meet because I had just landed a job as an apprentice in my profession. Even though I was under paid for all my hard work, I was firm that in no case I was going and standing in those irksome queues with bundles of paper held under my arms and impatiently waiting for some moron there to decide my fate and to sanction me a loan or not. I was too proud to undergo that kind of torture.

And then I discovered payday loans!

A friend recommended payday loans to me. She also explained the nitty gritties of the loan and how the loan could be sanctioned online as well and that there is no need to furnish any physical collateral as well. My requirement was only for 150 or 200 bucks that could last me the remaining days of the month till my payday arrived. I must say, the experience so far has been mind blowing, yes, the interest rates are slightly higher than other loans but I do not mind paying a little extra to avoid all the other cumbersome procedural hassles of the conventional loan!

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